Abstract Guidelines

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Abstract Submission Rules (Title of the Abstract)

(Times New Roman, 14 font, bold and centered, only initial capital letters)


1Author A, 2AuthorB, 3Author C, (Times New Roman, 12 font)


1Affiliation, City, Country (Times New Roman, 10 font),

2Affiliation, City, Country (Times New Roman, 10 font),

3Affiliation, City, Country (Times New Roman, 10 font),

mail1@mail.com, mail2@mail.com, mail3@mail.com


Abstract (Times New Roman, 12 font)

Abstracts should be written in Times New Roman, 12 font and 1,15 line spacing. Abstracts should not be over than 250 words. Abstracts should include the purpose, materials and methods, results and conclusion parts.


Keywords: Keywords should be written in alphabetical order, at least 3 words written in 12 font size and separated by commas.